Home & Office Printing Tips

“We know that working with technology can sometimes be frustrating, but Cartridge World is here to make sure your printer runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some simple home and office printing tips that can help make your day easier:

  • Use the Right Printer – Match your office printing needs with the right machine. Color inkjet printers are not designed for printing hundreds of black-and-white pages. For high-volume tax preparation-type printing, use a mono laser printer and high-yield toner cartridges to double your printing output at almost half the price.
  • Print Preview is Your Friend – Use the “print preview” function that displays how pages will appear before they are printed. This feature can help you resolve formatting issues before you print.
  • Ensure you match the paper to the media you are printing – Most printers are set to print on 20 pound paper as standard. Make sure to change the media setting when printing on heavier paper, labels or envelopes.
  • Change Color Settings – If 80 percent of more of your printing is done in black and white, change the settings to “default to print in mono,” not color. Then change your setting back to color in your printer settings when printing in color. This will save on the color toner being wasted and reduce your printing costs.
  • Buy Alternatives to Printer-Brand Cartridges – You can save big money on printing at the office by buying high-performance ink and toner from places like Cartridge World – instead of full-priced printer cartridges from office supply stores.

For more tips and advice on the best printer and supplies for your needs at an affordable costs, contact your local store today!

Source: https://www.cartridgeworld.com/home-office-printing-tips/