Supported Cartridges

Supported Cartridges - 100% Guaranteed Quality TestedCartridge World – Phoenix, AZ offers supported cartridges for printers utilizing ink & toner for all major brands of printers, copiers, fax, and postage machines. This includes HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, Dell, and Samsung. We carry a full line of black ink cartridges, color ink cartridges, black toner cartridges, and color toner cartridges.

Our printing solutions are tailored to your needs. If you want to save time, save money and boost productivity, our team can assess your printing requirements – free of charge – and recommend solutions that work best for you.

Check to see if your supported cartridges is on the list!

Listed below are over 200 supported cartridges that our Cartridge World – Phoenix, AZ area locations can provide ink and toner cartridges for:

Top Selling Supported Cartridges – Ink & Laser Cartridges by Brand

Brother DR420 Drum Unit
Brother LC51 Black
Brother LC51 Cyan
Brother LC51 Magenta
Brother LC51 Yellow
Brother LC61 Black
Brother LC61 Cyan
Brother LC61 Tri-Color
Brother LC65 Yellow HY
Brother LC71 Black
Brother LC75 Black
Brother LC75 Cyan
Brother LC75 Magenta
Brother LC75 Yellow
Brother TN115 Black HY
Brother TN115 Cyan HY
Brother TN115 Magenta HY
Brother TN115 Yellow HY
Brother TN310 Black
Brother TN310 Cyan
Brother TN310 Magenta
Brother TN310 Yellow
Brother TN330 Black
Brother TN350 Black
Brother TN360 Black HY
Brother TN420 Black
Brother TN450 Black
Brother TN460 Black
Brother TN570 Black HY
Brother TN580 Black HY
Brother TN650 Black HY
Canon 104 Black
Canon 128 Black
Canon BCI-3e/6C Cyan
Canon BCI-3e/6M Magenta
Canon BCI6 Black
Canon CL211XL Tri-Color
Canon CL-31 Tri-Color
Canon CL-41 Tri-Color
Canon CLI-221BK Black
Canon CLI-221C Cyan
Canon CLI-221M Magenta
Canon CLI-221Y Yellow
Canon CLI-8BK Black
Canon CLI-8C Cyan
Canon CLI-8M Magenta
Canon CLI-8Y Yellow
Canon PG210 Black
Canon PG210XL Black
Canon PG-30 Black
Canon PG-40 Black
Canon PGI-220BK Black
Canon PGI-35 Black
Canon PGI-5BK Black
Dell 1100/1110 Black
Dell 1700/1710 Black HY
Dell 2150/2155 Black
Dell 2335 Black HY
Dell 3110/3115 Black HY
Dell Series 5 Black HY
Dell Series 5 Tri-Color HY
Dell Series 6 Tri-Color
Dell Series 7 Black
Dell Series 7 Tri-Color
Dell Series 9 Black
Dell Series 9 Tri-Color
Epson 126 Black HY
Epson 69 Black
Epson 69 Cyan
Epson 69 Magenta
Epson 69 Yellow
Epson 78 Black
Epson 78 Cyan
Epson 78 Cyan Light
Epson 78 Magenta
Epson 78 Magenta Light
Epson 78 Yellow
Epson 79 Black
Epson 8750 Black Ribbon
Epson ERC23 Black Ribbon
Epson ERC23 Black/Red Ribbon
Epson ERC38 Black Ribbon
Epson S015337 Black Ribbon
Epson T0481 Black
Epson T0482 Cyan
Epson T0483 Magenta
Epson T0484 Yellow
Epson T0485 Cyan Light
Epson T0549 Blue
Epson T0601 Black
Epson T0602 Cyan
Epson T0603 Magenta
Epson T0604 Yellow
HP 02 Black
HP 02 Cyan
HP 02 Cyan Light
HP 02 Magenta
HP 02 Magenta Light
HP 02 Yellow
HP 05A Black
HP 10 Black
HP 10A Black
HP 12A Black
HP 12AJ Black UH
HP 14 Black
HP 15 Black
HP 15X Black HY
HP 16A Black
HP 20 Black
HP 21 Black
HP 22 Tri-Color
HP 23 Tri-Color
HP 27 Black
HP 28 Tri-Color
HP 35A Black
HP 36A Black
HP 42A Black HY
HP 45 Black
HP 49A Black
HP 49X Black HY
HP 51X Black HY
HP 53A Black
HP 55A Black
HP 56 Black
HP 564 Black
HP 564 Black Photo
HP 564 Cyan
HP 564 Magenta
HP 564 Yellow
HP 564XL Black Photo
HP 57 Tri-Color
HP 60 Black
HP 60 Tri-Color
HP 60XL Black
HP 61 Black
HP 61 Tri-Color
HP 61XL Black
HP 61XL Tri-Color
HP 64A Black
HP 74 Black
HP 74XL Black
HP 75 Tri-Color
HP 75XL Tri-Color
HP 78 Tri-Color
HP 82 Cyan HY
HP 82 Magenta HY
HP 82 Yellow HY
HP 85A Black
HP 88XL Black
HP 88XL Cyan
HP 88XL Magenta
HP 88XL Yellow
HP 901 Black
HP 901 Tri-Color
HP 901XL Black
HP 92 Black
HP 920 Black
HP 920 Cyan
HP 920 Magenta
HP 920 Yellow
HP 92A Black
HP 93 Tri-Color
HP 94 Black
HP 940XL Black
HP 940XL Cyan
HP 940XL Magenta
HP 940XL Yellow
HP 95 Tri-Color
HP 950XL Black
HP 951XL Cyan
HP 951XL Magenta
HP 951XL Yellow
HP 96 Black
HP 96A Black
HP 97 Tri-Color
HP 98 Black
HP C6170A Blue
HP C8842A Black
HP C9730A Black
HP C9732A Yellow
HP CB540A Black
HP CB543A Magenta
HP CC530A Black
HP CC531A Cyan
HP CC532A Yellow
HP CC533A Magenta
HP Q5950A Black
HP Q5951A Cyan
HP Q6000A Black
HP Q6001A Cyan
HP Q6002A Yellow
HP Q6003A Magenta
HP78A Black
Kodak 10C Color
Kodak 10XL Black HY
Lexmark 16 Black
Lexmark 2 Tri-Color
Neopost Hasler 3300028D
NeoPost Hasler ISINK34
Pitney Bowes 765
Pitney Bowes 769
Pitney Bowes 793
Pitney Bowes 797
Xerox 6R1489 Black


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